Affordable, easy-to-use music research software for radio industry professionals, made by radio industry professionals.

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  • Simple Test Creation

    Create a 30 song test in less than 5 minutes! No need to wait for us to put the test together for you.

  • Hosted by

    No need to contact your IT department, we host everything you need to start running tests. If you want your tests to appear on your own website, every test has a simple embed code that you can copy and send to your web team.

  • Unlimited Use

    With an Emergence Brand License you can create an unlimited number of tests with as many songs as you want.

  • Test Management Dashboard

    View and manage current and past tests for all your stations in all of your markets at anytime.

  • Powerful Perceptual Engine

    Place your short-answer, multiple choice or true/false questions before or after a music test.

  • Easy Marketing Features

    Quickly and easily post your new test to facebook and twitter, or send an email to your database of users.

  • Data Sorting

    Sort your data by demographic (age & gender) and geographic (city, county, or zip) filters to see how your target listener base is testing your playlist.

  • Stealth Hits

    Is there a hit in your test you weren’t aware of? Our Stealth Hits feature will tell what song or songs should be increased in rotation.

  • User Data

    View and sort a list of every person that’s taken your test. Then dig deeper to see how each individual answered your questions and rated your playlist.

  • Export Your Results

    We’ve made it easy to export your data to Excel, PDF, or CSV.

  • Song Statistics

    We provide over a dozen different statistics for each track to insure you can review your data the way you want to.

  • Suspect Data Filter

    We’ve developed a standard deviation filter to insure anybody who answers too far out of the norm can be excluded from your test results.

  • Randomization

    Every test taker listens to the songs in random order and can complete the test in multiple sessions.

  • Website Widget

    Embed your test right on your site, and keep your users where you want them.


  • The test itself is very user-friendly! The content is easy to read and respond to, and the auto-play feature keeps the pace up so users don't feel like the research is taking that long. Most importantly, the test is easy to take on a mobile device. Our listeners have responded with enthusiasm over the fact they can take the test quickly on-the-go.

    Greg Atoms, Rock 947 (WOZZ)
  • Emergence is a very robust music testing system that can put research in the hands of stations and markets that couldn't afford it before! It's a great way to dial in and super serve your listeners. Customizable, easy to use, information just a mouse click away.

    Randy Shannon, Midwest Communications
  • It's very easy to use - I can even update info from anywhere on my smartphone. Very user friendly and versatile. The ability to post the survey directly to Facebook/Twitter , without even having to go to those sites saves a lot of time. We've found that the ability to send an initial email out and then another "reminder" email out to the non-completes has been effective too. These tools that are built into the system have been very helpful to us in boosting the number of listeners that take time to complete our surveys.

    Corey Carter, 101.1 WIXX
  • I LOVE Emergence! They have better back-end reporting than services I've used before, the end-user experience is amazing, the website is fast, and I'm in control of the data.

    Jason Hillery, 93Rock (WRQE) & The Drive (WYDR)

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